Odyssey White Hot XG Golf Putters

The Odyssey White Hot XG golf putters product line is only one of several lines offered by the Odyssey company, but it is extensive in itself with 18 different models to choose from. These break down into two groups, the Core Models which account for 11 different putter types, and the Progressive Models, which consist of 7 types of putters with more modern shapes and design features.

All of the Odyssey White Hot XG putters are based on an advanced putter face insert technology which is designed to give a softer feel. The company states that the design was inspired by newer multi-layer golf balls which also are softer. Two different materials are used in the putter face to achieve this effect. First there is what is called an Elastometer core material which gives the putter its softer feel. On top of this is a thin outer striking surface which is a harder material. The impact zone is textured and supposedly this provides added feel, and the textured zone also surrounds and indicates the correct impact area, or sweet spot. In addition to this mixed-material insert technology, the Odyssey White Hot XG line of putters was designed to get the CG (center of gravity) of the clubs low and to the back of the club head. Accomplishing this also increases the MOI of the club which will provide some level of forgiveness if putts are not struck squarely on the sweet spot.

Odyssey White Hot XG Core Models

The Core Models all use the technologies described above and are putters based on classic designs. That is, they are all variations of traditional blade or mallet putters. They are simply named Odyssey White Hot XG no. 1, no. 2, etc. up through no. 9. The no. 5 putter has a

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